09th June 2020


Government Funding June 2020


As part of the government’s financial support to charities, a £6m fund was established to specifically help homeless charities manage any negative financial impacts they might incur as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.  As a result, we considered areas of the organisation that had already been adversely affected or are likely to be affected over the coming months. We’re immensely pleased to announce that our application was successful and we were awarded a total of £85,500, the largest award to any organisation in the West Midlands.  


Chief Executive, Mike Fowler said, “This award is particularly pleasing as I suspect this fund will have been oversubscribed and it looks like we are one of only two organisations in Coventry and Warwickshire to have been successful.  As an organisation that relies upon public fundraising and the income from our shops to help fund our services, this is a very welcome boost for the organisation.  This will go a long way to putting our budget back on an even keel for the year .”

 “I’d also like to think that this is recognition for the great support our teams have continued to give some two hundred residents in very difficult circumstances,”  Mike added.

Not only is the funding designed to help charities manage the negative financial impact of the pandemic but there is also an element for initiatives to help beneficiaries who have also been adversely affected by the lockdown.  In this regard, an element of the award will enable us to provide counselling services to already vulnerable clients whose mental health may have deteriorated as a result of the crisis.