Young Person's Alcohol Mediation Service

The service is a mediation and alcohol service run in partnership with Compass (a substance misuse agency) for young people aged 13-18.  The service works in two ways; working with young people aged 16-18 who are not in education who attend hospital with alcohol related issues; and providing a mediation service to 13-18 year olds who go missing from home and develop alcohol related problems. 

The service is funded by Comic Relief to run for 3 years and builds on our previous mediation work, our work with young people and with clients who have issues with alcohol use.


Support offered by our Young Person's Alcohol Mediation Service:


Referrals can be accepted from the following:

We accept self-referrals, referrals from family or friends, from Compass, schools and colleges, or from any statutory or voluntary agency.


Other Information:

 Social exclusion is where the society treats others differently due to their lifestyle or issues, such as alcohol use for example.

This lifestyle  might then cause such problems as low educational levels (not doing well at school), early school leaving and drop-out; unemployment, low salaries and difficulty in finding secure jobs; low income and debt; insecurity of accommodation and homelessness (having to keep moving house and so area); mortality (death) and drug-related diseases (see Effects of Alcohol on the Body information); poor access to care (because of a reluctance to deal with services or poor education, a low degree of acceptance by mainstream medical services so not treated well by staff, and unique health problems for which appropriate services are not available) ; social stigma (not being welcomed by neighbours for example) reliance on benefits (due to not working), and poor relationships with family, peers and partners (being left/separating, told to leave home, not supported by friends).    It can also be harder to keep employment and so less likely to build a career with associated higher salary. Debts are also common.

Also people may also suffer from a negative social image (be disliked and looked down on by others) and may face hostility from the general population and public authorities and may experience violence and abuse from police officers or other public officials who do not care for people and do not agree with how they live their lives.

The Mediation service has continually sought feedback and input from professionals and parents and the young people they have supported, and this is a summary of comments which have helped us in our continual review of the service, in order to make it user led and tailored to the needs of the young people of Coventry.  We hope to add details from other consultations soon, such as the Survey Monkey, and the on-going consultations taking place this month, alongside case studies.  Please use our Twitter and Facebook accounts to contact us if you would like to have your say.  Phil Smith (Mediation Coordinator).

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