08th September 2017


The young person was referred to AIMS by school at the recommendation of Children and Families First services.  Concerns ranged from behaviour in class, non-attendance, ill health (physical and emotional) and eating behaviours, given the young person was very underweight.  Issues at home had resulted in relationship breakdown, with the young person having had arguments with parents and gone missing, resulting in police involvement.  Parental health was negatively impacted and this had also impacted on a substance use basis.

Girl with Head in HandThrough home visits and one to one interventions it was determined that school were unaware of an educational needs related diagnosis and health issues which were from birth, for example, and implemented changes of support to help with this.

Feedback from the young person was that they felt they had had excellent support and overall experience, with communication, health, education and family relationships all having improved. 

The parents felt that they had received “tremendous help” in improving family relations and school related matters, and even though the case had been closed recently provided an update regarding exam results, which they were delighted about.  The young person passed 7 exams, including 2 A grades and had been accepted into the 6th Form, and the parents believed that this success was fundamentally achieved through Cyrenians “help, support and encouragement” for which they remained very grateful.