11th September 2015



After leaving school Bailey had little confidence, and suffered from depression and anxiety.  She spent most of her days at home, barely leaving the house.  One day she plucked up the courage to go out and look for a job.  She went into Windsor’s & Refreshed (coffee and retail charity shop run by Cyrenians) to ask if there were any jobs available.  There wasn’t any at the time, but was told she could apply to be a volunteer.  Bailey started volunteering in July 2013, nine months after the shop first opened.

Bailey 2

Bailey 1


Six months after volunteering, Bailey applied to be a paid worker through  Coventry City Council’s Young People’s Employment Placement Scheme, which she began in January 2014.  The  scheme came to an end in June 2014, by which time Bailey had proved herself as a valuable member of the team.  Cyrenians then took her on as a full time paid member of staff.

Bailey 3

During her two years, Bailey has seen a lot of changes and improvements and the charity shop has gone from strength to strength.  Bailey has played a big part in these improvements, with her artistic talent and leadership skills; she organised many theme days, promotional offers on food, drink and clothes and also designed some fantastic shop window displays to draw in customers.  Bailey trained many volunteers on the barista coffee machine and the tills and was responsible for managing the shop on her own. Without her contribution, the shop would not have been as  successful as it is today.

Bailey has really enjoyed working at the shop and said it has been fun, as well as challenging and has gained   valuable experience for the future.  The social aspect has helped her get through her problems and she is a much happier and confident person. She has made many good friends including staff, volunteers and customers who became regulars over the years.


Bailey 5Bailey left Windsor’s & Refreshed at the end of August 2015 and has successfully gained employment at the Coombe Abbey Hotel, working as a Server which entails dressing up in costumes and looking after all the guests at the famous theme evenings; Bailey 4medieval banquets and murder mysteries where the guests eat by candlelight. 

Bailey loves her new job, but is also willing to come back and volunteer with Cyrenians from time to time. Staff at Cyrenians are very proud of Bailey’s achievements and wish her luck in her positive future.