07th July 2017


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The Big Lottery Fund has awarded £217,183 of National Lottery funding to Coventry Cyrenians.

The grant will fund an Alcohol Intervention & Mediation Service for four years and, supporting young people (aged 13 to 18) and their families/carers where alcohol has presented a significant challenge for the young person and/or a close relative. This will be achieved by providing advice, counselling, advocacy and a range of related support. The project is supported using National Lottery funding awarded by the Big Lottery fund. The service, which has already been successfully piloted, has a proven track record, with 88% of young people who went through this service reporting a positive outcome from their engagement with the charity.

The project aims to reduce the risk of substance misuse among young people and improves their Girl with Head in Handcondition by promoting health choices. It offers a counselling service which provides guidance, and works to reduce risky and anti-social behaviour, whilst trying to improve well-being and therefore quality of life. The funding received will build upon the pilot which developed the service with local partners and is targeted at well-defined needs.
Mike Fowler, Chief Executive at Coventry Cyrenians, said “The service exceeded expectations during the development phase just in terms of the number of young people it has benefited throughout Coventry.

“Historically, through our work with street homelessness and young people, we have been well aware that alcohol misuse can be a major contributory factor for young people coming to us in crisis. We were acutely aware that no equivalent local project was geared up to meet this challenge and we wanted to help prevent young people ending up at said crisis point by helping them and their families to address the challenge at a preventative stage.
“We are hugely grateful that the Big Lottery Fund has decided to fund this project for four years, as we are hugely passionate about the service and the benefits it provides to the local community. It is only possible due to National Lottery players.”

Hands together ImageCoventry Cyrenians have identified local Universities as potential partners to independentlyevaluate the outcomes of the project. They are confident that it will demonstrate not only major benefits to the young people, but also considerable savings to the public purse resulting from their early intervention with this small, but very vulnerable group.



Additionally, if you know of any young persons who may benefit from this service, you can contact Coventry Cyrenians on 02476228099