20th October 2014



Chris Harris was one of our service users in our Young Person’s Floating Support Service.  He began volunteering at Windsor’s and Refreshed in November 2012, then went on to become a paid employee of the social enterprise.

“After leaving university I became a chef.  Shortly after, I had a breakdown and walked out of my job.  I wasn’t getting along with my parents either.  Cyrenians took me into one of their shared houses.  I knew Cyrenians were opening Windsor’s and Refreshed and I liked the idea.  I was jobless at the time and the volunteering position was ideal for me.  In 2012, I went through four jobs.  I just really wanted to get into a routine.  I got onto the Young Persons Employment Placement Scheme and started getting paid to do the job.

It’s the only charity shop I’ve seen with a coffee shop!  It’s not your usual charity shop, it is a really unique store with a vibrant coffee shop.  I loved the environment and learnt lots of new skills like pricing up items and doing stock checks.

I think I’ve become a lot more laid back and I’m a lot more approachable now.  I can also talk to people a lot easier; I’ve definitely grown up.  I was originally a volunteer and doing simple mundane things.  When I started getting paid, things became different and I had to put more effort in.  I’ve become more responsible and organised because of Cyrenians.”

Chris moved on from Windsor’s and Refreshed in September 2014 and successfully gained full time employment at Kong, a well known clothing shop in Coventry City Centre.  Staff at Cyrenians are very proud of Chris’s achievements and we wish him luck in his bright future.