17th January 2019


Atul Xmas 2018 31On Christmas Day, we once again welcomed people to the Methodist Central Hall in Coventry for dinner, gifts, entertainment and company. Many of those who attended were homeless, vulnerable or alone and sat down to enjoy their Christmas with others. All were welcome.

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This year saw an increase in the number of guests, and while we are glad that we get to share the day with others who may have nowhere else to go, we also wish that they didn’t need to join us at all.


It’s only made possible by our amazing volunteers, who every year give up their day to help us make the day special for guests. A huge thank you for them for everything they do, which includes setting up tables, making and serving dinner, helping guests collect gifts, registering guests/volunteers and so much more. A special mention to our new lead Christmas volunteer Sophie Greener, who spent four years previous as a regular volunteer and this year stepped up to lead the day its self.

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Three course meals were served, plus treats and on-going refreshments throughout the day. Presents of socks and chocolate, gift bags, toiletries and clothing and other various things were handed out. The kind generosity of local schools, churches, companies, shops, voluntary groups, charities, statutory groups and the general public allows us to give out vast volumes of gifts to guests.

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Thanks as always also goes to:


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Guests were entertained by Liberty Church Choir, Sheridan French, Ross Darby, Patrick Lagunas & Caitlyn McGlynn.  








The feedback from both guests and volunteers was highly positive, but we also look to improve where we can to provide the best day possible to everyone.

Some of the feedback received from guests:

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"First time here and it was brilliant!"

 "Enjoyable day".

"Best part of the day was all of it, the singing, dining, talking, useful gifts".

"Very enjoyable - RESPECT!"

"I appreciate all the help & advice i've received while recovering".

"Beautiful - liked the singing & the volunteers were hospitable".

"Was lovely & friendly, the warmth & the music".

"Was meeting people around me, it was a brilliant day".

"Great place to meet friends".

"This has been the best co-ordinated & organised in the last ten years, especially the gift room".



Some of the feedback received from volunteers:

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"Felt very worthwhile".

"The best part - just being able to help people have a nice day"

"The event was well organised, there was a lot of 'happy' guests".

"This was my first year as a volunteer, I thought it was so well run".

"It was very eye opening to me and made me realise the extent of the issue and how impactful the charity is".

"I really enjoyed helping people pick gifts and seeing how grateful they were.  I also enjoyed chatting to guests and hearing how their day was going and their stories".

"The best part - meeting fellow volunteers and seeing familiar & new guests".

 "I thought that the day went very well.  I thought Sophie did a wonderful job, and bearing in mind she was being pulled in all directions, she kept calm. The service users who I spoke to on the day were all very positive about the day. I thought everyone pulled together really well, and worked well as a team".