21st January 2021


Jon Matt Xmas 2020

I'm delighted to say that the Cyrenians Christmas Day event for 2020 was a great success. After a different and and difficult year and with many restrictions in place due to Covid-19, there was a time when we thought we would not be able to host it. Thanks to a huge effort and fabulous support from many people we managed to make it happen and on the day we were able to make over 100 meals for homeless, vulnerable and lonely people, plus give out around 150 gift and donation bags. 

Sophie and I would like to thank all of our special volunteers who were amazing on the day, especially the kitchen team who went above and beyond in every way. 

A big thank you must go to everyone at Open Christmas and St Peters for all of their support and for helping us to make the event happen and run so well. 

I look forward to organising this year's event; we're looking to make it bigger and better than ever before. Stay safe. 

Matt Cattell (Lead Co-ordinator)


Kitchen Vols Xmas 2020Sophie microphone Xmas 2020

 Dining hall Xmas 2020


Signing in Desk Xmas 2020


Sophie in visor Xmas 2020

"I need you to arrive full of Sophieness" was my instruction from Matt for Christmas Day 2020! It was our most challenging year yet to make it special for our guests and at times uncertain as to whether it would go ahead and so there was a real sense of deep gratitude to be together when the special day came around. The day was a huge success and we were blessed with the most wonderful team of volunteers. We were delighted to team up with Coventry Open Christmas by sharing resources and joining our volunteers with theirs. What a joy that was! Their team is dedicated and very skilled. We've learned a lot from each other. 

We had the same number of guests this year but rather than our usual excess of 60 volunteers, this time we had 18! So you can imagine how meticulously and excellently the smaller team worked together to make this happen. Matt and I can't thank you all enough for your inspirational efforts.

My favourite takeaway from the day is how much more intimate and personal this year was. Separate sittings of lower numbers had its benefits; I got to know every guest by name and have a meaningful conversation with each of them. This was a steady change compared to previous years where we may get over 100 people walking in at the same time and meeting each person individually wouldn't be possible. This year has taught us a lot, and with this learning and (hopefully) a Christmas without restrictions, we're already planning how we'll make Christmas 2021 the most special year we've ever had. Watch this space! I'd like to extend huge love and thanks to Matt Cattell, our second year co-ordinating the day as a pair. We're a match made in heaven if I may say so! He is committed, loving and so supportive. Matt, you are Coventry's hero.

Sophie Greener (Lead Co-ordinator)


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