28th August 2019


Due to our recent food appeal, we would like to thank Matt Cattell and his friends who donated and dropped off lots of items. He is hoping to make this a regular collection.


Food Appeal 2019 1


At Cyrenians we provide food to individuals who are in our homeless hostel accommodation when they are in need.


Some residents move in and they may not have an income as their benefits have not been sorted yet. As often publicised in the press, a new Universal Credit claim takes a number of weeks to process and the individual will be without money throughout this period.


Food Appeal 2019 2




They may be entitled to an advance payment, however, they will then have to pay this back and can be left with as little as £190 per month. There may also be an issue with their benefits and payments may stop for a brief period.

There are many other scenarios when we issue food to clients. A resident may obtain a new job and may not get paid for a while. An individual may also face a crisis situation and may need some assistance with food.

When issuing food to residents we ensure that trained support workers are talking to them about why they need the food and ensuring that preventative work is implemented so that there is not a reliance on food from Cyrenians. 

Please help if you can, thank you.