22nd February 2017


We recently received a large donation of towels from Warwick University along with some new travel kettles and desk lamps.

This was organised by Lynne Loughran, Accommodation Services Manager.  The towels were bought and used by Warwick Accommodation and for their conference business.

The towels were a trial they carried out some years ago to have their own stock of towels, hoping to reduce the amounts they were hiring from the towel company at that time; however it did not prove very well as the drying time after washing was not suitable for them to turn the dirty around in time. This idea was then shelved and they carried on outsourcing their requirements. At certain times when their conference numbers increased they then used the stock of towels on occasion. However for the last few years they have just been stored, therefore there was a need to find an outlet for the stored towels and not allow them to go to waste, which is why they offered them to Cyrenians. 

Towels 1

Towels 2












Approximately 600 good quality white towels of assorted sizes (including bath sheets and hand towels) were donated, and in addition around 100 bath mats.

We have given towels out to our clients and with the surplus we are selling them to raise valuable funds to help run our services for the homeless.

So far we have raised £206.70!!!

Bath towels or sheets are £1.00 each

Handtowels or bath mats are 50p each

Anyone interested in buying some, please email fundraising@coventrycyrenians.org