16th May 2019


Earlsdon fest 2019 2

This May Bank Holiday a few of our staff woke up nice and early and went on their way to the Earlsdon Festival to set up one of the 60 stalls present at the event: our very own Coventry Cyrenians stall! We were a bit nervous as the staff present had never run a tombola before and we quickly realised that ours was one of the only tombolas that abided by the Festival’s rule to not have alcoholic prizes. Still our righteous endeavour raised some valuable funds for our services -over £200- and we got to chat to many visitors about our services.

Many people knew about Coventry Cyrenians, which was pleasing to hear, although a couple of responses puzzled us such as:

-“Yes I know you, you sell furniture don’t you?”

Clearly our fundraising strategy has gotten ahead of our main purpose as a charity: to house the homeless and vulnerably housed across Coventry and Warwickshire!

Earlsdon fest 2019 1

Another service we discovered we had that day, was that of balloon distributor. Indeed, our stall could have been richly decorated with numerous purple “Cyrenians” balloons, if only so many children didn’t request them as we made them. Soon staff organised themselves as those in charge of running the tombola, those in charge of talking about the charity, and those in charge of making and supplying balloons for our young visitors.

Many dogs were also present at the Festival, to the great despair of our volunteer attendee. Cyrenians staff are well-known dog lovers and their sight immediately draws them to the canine visitor, letting our poor single volunteer (a cat lover) to handle the stall.

All in all, it was a beautiful day, attended by many food stalls, local crafters and other charities, such as the Samaritans, with whom we have a relationship with. Thank you to all staff & volunteers who ran the stall and came to encourage us during the day as well as all our fantastic visitors and of course, the Earlsdon Festival organisers, without which we wouldn’t have had the opportunity to experience this great day in the first place.

Until next year!