16th April 2019


Jamie Smith, 44, is from Coventry. He lived with us for around two months last year after being self-referred following a difficult period in his life. Jamie had an accident at work which resulted in a badly damaged shoulder and elbow. He couldn’t work and his relationship broke down which led to Jamie taking an overdose in an attempted suicide. He then became homeless after having to leave his ex-partner’s and lived in his van for 8 months before coming to see us. Jamie suffered from depression and stress since his accident at work and was taking anti-depressants.

Jamies Story April 2019

Jamie is now off all anti-depressants, and after 3 years clean from drugs has turned his life around. He is assisting project managing a housing renovation in Coventry to learn the trade to turn it into a full time job and has a property in Spain. Jamie has previously volunteered at an Oxfam shop and wants to do voluntary work for us. Jamie said we really helped him at a low period in his life and wanted to give something back as he will never forget the help we gave to him.

Jamie donated £400 yesterday with money he won in compensation for his accident, with more promised. Not only did he return to say thank you, he wanted to support us financially so we could help support others in similarly difficult situations. 

Jamie pictured with Housing Support Worker Jo Stacey.