18th September 2019


We would like to thank all the members of Coventry Good Gym again for doing a charity bag drop for Cyrenians.


Report written by Liz Pharoah (Leader & Trainer)

To celebrate GoodGym's 10th anniversary, 16 runners from Coventry set off with our flag on a mission to complete our delivery of 500 bags as well as get some good photos. We definitely completed the task, great photos I can't promise, although Anne-Marie took some :)

It was great to meet Leticia and Brogan and welcome them to GoodGym Coventry. Before the speech, we enjoyed the GoodGym text which managed to eloquently sum up alot of our GoodGym experiences. We got our first photo by Lady Godiva.

 Goodgym September 2019 1Goodgym September 2019 2


Goodgym September 2019 3Goodgym September 2019 4


Once at the destination for the start of our bag drop, split into teams to achieve the task and in no time, all the bags were delivered. Awesome teamwork. We headed to the Council House for another photo and the location of our speed work reps. It then meant that we had time to complete 5 x 200m reps and really focus on our speed and maintaining that throughout the reps. We could then head around to the Cathedral to get another photo. We then stretched and celebrated in Drapers our first 6 months- what a 6 month it has been. Well done and thanks GGCoventry. Liz x