08th December 2016


Insight To Well Being 3 day course delivered by the Beyond Recovery service

These are images from the final day of the three day Insight to Well Being programme which teaches a simple understanding of how state of mind affects our reality and therefore our behaviour, and how we can access our natural wellbeing and resilience.  The programme helps people remain abstinent and overcome addictions/habits, negative thinking and depression. 

Well Being Course 1Well Being Course 2


It focused on peoples understanding of how their perceptions of their environment affects their sense of self, decision making, and so emotional and physical health.  As intensive as it sounds, it was delivered in an empathetic and thoughtful manner by Jacqueline Hollows, and was a good experience for all. 

Well Being Course 3



On the last day, the group also delivered a rousing version of Happy Birthday (ably accompanied on piano by Andy Whitehead from local band Batsch) to Phil (from the Cyrenians Mediation project) in the lunch break to mark his birthday the next day.