25th May 2018


Kite’s Packaging Regulations team has selected Coventry Cyrenians as their nominated charity to support in 2018.

KITE donation May 18

Written by Kites:

Coventry Cyrenians do amazing work: they provide individualised support to promote and enhance the life chances of people in Coventry and Warwickshire who are homeless, or at risk of homelessness, empowering them to live as independently as possible. 

They support vulnerable adults by providing shelter & support through numerous hostels they manage throughout the city. 

Two of Kite’s team were fortunate enough to meet support workers from the charity and a person they have helped within Coventry. We were welcomed in to one of their residential properties and were given the opportunity to speak with someone who had been helped and supported by the charity.

There are always triggers of why people end up on the streets such as relationship breakdowns, job loss, abuse and addiction. People facing this need help, support and to be listened to, rather than ignored and left to deal with the consequences of living on the streets such as; gangs, drugs, violence and abuse. 

We learnt that people living on the streets just want to be treated as human beings like everyone else. Being homeless is devastating, dangerous and isolating so sometimes just having a conversation can help, rather than being ignored or worse. 

The traditional view of homelessness has tended to focus on negative stereotypes and the charity tries to break these down. To improve the lives of homeless people the charity focuses on understanding the underlying issues an individual may have. By doing this they can provide the best support plan, whist providing shelter with the aim of helping people to get back on their feet and with a home to call their own.

The person we met couldn’t thank the charity enough; having shelter and feeling safe at night is transformational when you have been subject to the horrific world of homelessness.What makes the charity special is how they rebuild lives to make sure people don’t end up in the same circumstances in the future.

Coventry Cyrenian’s are a fantastic charity, which we are proud to support. We hope our donation and this article will raise awareness of the real problems on our doorstep so that others can help too.