25th February 2015



A local musician, Ross Darby has produced a single called “Devil and the deep blue sea”, featuring Lizzy Coughlan.  He will be donating ALL proceeds to the Coventry Cyrenians. Money will be generated throughout the sales process and Ross wants it to go towards helping a charity in the city that he supports.

The single is complete and ready and available for pre-sale now on iTunes , amazon digital for 79p. The official release is March 29th 2015.  Ross is trying to get the song into the top 40 on a budget of £99! 

Another reason for doing this is he hopes to get unsigned artists to consider self-releasing and come up with chart campaigns to try and "break " without the need of major labels.    A chart position for even one week is a great start for young bands .  He believes more small releases = more live gigs (as this is the best and cheapest  promotion! ) = more venues hosting the artists = a well needed shot in the arm for the music scene at grass roots level.  It may even encourage venues to open doors to live band nights again! Especially if half a dozen bands are looking for gigs and a launch night to promote their release.  

So that is the campaign and its idea!  3.5-5k sales will hopefully reach top 40. He has 6 weeks to push up pre sales and achieve this goal, so please encourage all your family and friends to buy it!

Ross will be on BBC wm breakfast show this Sunday morning (1st March) talking about the song and the proceeds etc! The text service is set up now too . BLUESEA to 85888. Cost is one off £1. (30p goes to the company, the rest to Coventry Cyrenians).

Below is the link to the pre-sale for iTunes and Amazon digital and also a live show list.  






Social media links for Ross are:

social media links  are.....


 twitter   @ross_darby

 instagram:   @rossdarby_official

 soundcloud    bit.ly/top40for£99_sc

 youtube : bit.ly/top40for£99_yt