07th December 2020


This week we said goodbye to our long-standing Chief Executive, Mike Fowler. We would like to offer him our sincerest thanks for all of the hard work, energy and effort he put in to Coventry Cyrenians.

Mike started working for this organisation in 1985 and became CEO soon after. He leaves having made an enormous impact on homelessness in the Coventry and Warwickshire region, creating a legacy that will continue long into the future. The following are his own words on his experience:

"One of my colleagues told me of a job vacancy as a Referral & Information Worker with a homelessness organisation, and following a somewhat intimidating interview in front of a panel of four trustees and four members of staff, I got the job!

"I wasn’t sure that this was the job for me but I wanted a change and told myself I’d give it a couple of years! Managing a 24-hour direct access with a team of volunteers was a challenge, but as an organisation with four paid staff and six houses, I felt we could be doing more - this is how it began.

"In terms of achievements, we have much to be proud of. Not just in terms of the numerous services and improvements we have seen but also in terms of working practices. I am personally proud that, as an organisation, we have been ahead of both the private and statutory sector in introducing things such as carer’s leave, flexible working, paternity leave and that we are committed to paying, as minimum, the National Living Wage. Current and former managers have kept me sane and have been formidable colleagues. Trustees too have been a great support. I shall be eternally grateful to you all.’’

Happy retirement Mike, from everyone at Coventry Cyrenians.