17th October 2019


Maintenance Team September 2019 2Finally, Shakespeare Street is ready to let! Shaun Harrold and Rick Read have worked really hard on this project and their hard work has ensured we have come in on time and under budget for the project. The extra four bedrooms created at Shakespeare, along with the two extra bed spaces created at St Nicholas Street, now account for the lost bedroom spaces at Wren Street when this property was handed back to Midland Heart.

We are pleased that two sections of pipework at Oakwood’s boiler have been replaced. Without this work completed, it would have led to system failure, so we’re pleased it could be done before the winter sets in. Thank you to the patience of staff whilst this was completed. St Michael’s Road has had a new boiler installed!

As mentioned in previous emails, the works required at Shakespeare Street have had a significant impact on the number of work orders on our list. Our plan for October and November is to reduce this number, particularly work orders that have become past-due, whilst incorporating other planned maintenance projects including: asbestos condition management visits, installing the same signage across all our single accommodation properties, spraying a fire retardant sprays for curtains and soft furnishings and bi-annual fire door inspection visits.

The only other planned maintenance project we are completing is Clopton Road’s office refurb – which is receiving the same treatment as Oakwood’s reception.

We are beginning the recruitment process for a new post: Cleaning and Clearance Worker. We are excited to advertise this role, as it enables us to react quickly to voids, manage quality control, reduce administration time, standardise our void procedure and have a more control of our cyclical communal clean programme. This new role will be funded through our current expenditure on Tru-Clean, who currently manage void, communal and office cleans. It is the intention to retain Tru-Clean for office cleans only.

Richard Fuller Sept 2019The new void procedure for all contracts and accommodation and will be roughly as follows:

Support Worker bags belongings in room/property and report void via Upkeep > Cleaning and Clearance Worker removes all bagged waste, cleans the room and provides Facilities Administrator with accurate void checklist > Maintenance Worker completes outstanding repairs identified by Cleaning and Clearance Worker > Facilities Administrator emails Support Worker to confirm RTL status.

                                             Richard Fuller (Maintenance Supervisor)