31st March 2017


We are very pleased to announce that we have developed a counselling related leaflet for young people, designed to answer questions, provide information, and put people at ease.  The leaflet came about through a discussion I had with our counsellor Louise.  We recognised that for young people starting counselling with us it might be a worrying thing to do.  So we set about using the talents of Namz (Volunteer Graphic Design Student) to design something that looked good and could be looked at when young people had time to.  Cyrenians asked 20 young people at the Foyer to tell us how the first version looked and they came up with great ideas about images, colour and style, and asked us to make it easier to read.  After a few re-writes we came up with the one you can see on our website, which is great, I think.  Many thanks to all who helped with this, including professionals but especially Namz for the design skills.   

Counselling Leaflet JPEG
Cyrenians Counselling leaflet to download  


The Cyrenians counselling has helped many young people overcome emotional difficulties, leading to an improved quality of life.  One example of this is a young person referred to Cyrenians by a parent.  The parent had had problems in the past and whilst they had overcome these, they felt that their child had not been supported fully in this time, and so approached Cyrenians in person to ask for the  child to be supported, having seen a talk by Cyrenians at a peer support group.  The young person had anxiety issues and through several sessions of counselling had come to manage these, and this was apparent in a renewed motivation towards education.  At point of referral it was quite possible that the young person would be unlikely to sit any exams in May 2017.  At the point of exit, the young person was awaiting an exam result, completing coursework, had attended two open days at a local college and had been offered a place in September 2017. 

Feedback from the parent about Cyrenians stated that they ‘found the service…to be fantastic’ with times to meet ‘set around me and my family.  Made me feel at ease to talk and gave some amazing solutions to problems and recommendations’ and that ‘we have both benefitted from using the service’.  The young person felt that the assessment process, help/support from staff, the service itself, and the overall experience to be excellent.  They felt that their confidentiality had been respected, listened to, that the service had met their expectations, had given them confidence for their future, and would recommend the service.  They felt that communication, education, health, new interests, career and family relationships had improved and they felt it was a ‘great service’. 

Cyrenians advised them on the final time of meeting how to access support locally and recommended a professional in the student support services at the college they would be attending should they need help, and outlined what was available to them at the college.  Having met other immediate and extended family members also, wish all of the family the very best for the future.

Phil Smith – ALMS coordinator.