01st March 2017


Peanut butter 3

We recently received a huge donation of Skippy peanut butter from a company called Tulip.  Tulip is one of Britain’s leading food companies, supplying everything from retail (including Waitrose) to foodservice, wholesale and export markets, based in Warwick.  It is predominately a pork business but they also have our ambient sector that they produce for.


Peanut butter 2


The donation was organised by Chantelle King (Commercial Can Co-ordinator) who works on the Ambient team where they sell a range of canned goods and peanut butter.  The jars that were donated could not be sold in the supermarkets due to their use by date.  Chantelle came across Cyrenians on Facebook and thought it would be a good place to help people with the excess food that we had in stock.

In tota1,716 jars of peanut butter (crunchy & smooth) were donated.   These were given out to clients and some were sold to staff at a bargain price (some used it to make fudge & cakes to sell) to help raise funds.  We raised £37.00.

We are very grateful to Tulip for thinking of us.