16th July 2021



Thank You Card Received

When Luke came into our service, he felt he lacked self-esteem and confidence. This thank you card describes the difference seen by Luke’s family after we helped him find a stable tenancy.

“As a family we cannot thank you enough for the incredible support you have given to Luke. The last couple of years have been very tough, so to have help with all the forms, advice - it made a huge difference to all of us

“Luke is a very happy, friendly lad, but talking with strangers was particularly hard for him so he may not have shown you this side, which is a shame because your support has got him to the point of getting his flat, and he’s over the moon!

“You are so appreciated”.

 Thank you letter Re Luke


We also received an email from a resident currently living in our accommodation:

“Thank you very much for you and your lovely colleagues for providing me with such a wonderful place to stay. I have enjoyed living in this flat. It is safe and clean. The residential area is very beautiful and safe.

“Thank you very much”.