01st May 2015






For some of our service users this was the first time they have registered to vote and for others they never have as they have become disillusioned with politics and politicians. We feel the issues that affect them are more apparent now more than ever.

We supported the residents with the process by explaining the benefits of registering to vote to them and helping those who wanted to register by doing this online with them.  We displayed posters around the projects again explaining why it is important to register to vote and high lighting some of the main reasons that affect them. Some decided they did not want to register which was their choice and for some they were too young to vote but would have liked to.

Homeless link state on their website

'Voting encourages politicians to take notice and is the most effective way individuals can have their say on important issues.'  The level of disengagement amongst those living in social and temporary housing presents a serious challenge; if they don’t vote, politicians have no reason to act in their interests”

One of our residents in the young person’s service has been canvassing for a political party since moving into one of our projects. Here are her views…

               “I am canvassing for a political party because I am very concerned about the situation of the economy and helping the NHS to be rebuilt back into a successful organisation. The lack of Surestart centres are appalling, over recent years, the economy, NHS, childcare and the low minimum wage jobs have had a complete downfall.  The taxes for the minimum wage people has been significantly higher than the richer higher paid section of the economy, I feel it isn’t very fair that they pay a lot less tax than the lower paid half of the economy”