14th August 2015



By Chandon Duckett (Senior Intermediary Support Advisor at The Coventry)

I think the event went really well, we really achieved our aim to raise awareness and money for Coventry Cyrenians. All of the team really got on board and followed all the guidelines to ensure that it was as realistic as possible. The support was really overwhelming with family and friends coming along on the evening to keep morale up – I think the evening would have been a lot harder without this support.

 Cov B Sleepout 1

We started up our partnership with the Cyrenians in November last year but really stepped up our fundraising at the beginning of this year. The Cyrenians were nominated by someone in our department and was voted as the charity that we wanted to work with as our Community Partner.

Cov B Sleepout 2

We have a really good partnership with the Cyrenians, and they are open and receptive to any ideas we have for fundraising. We chose to do this event to get our department involved in what the Cyrenians do and we thought a ‘Sleep Out’ would be a great way to do this. We had a lot of support from our colleagues and from managers, and our team of 16 stayed out for the whole evening until 9am the following morning. I think we now understand the importance of what the Cyrenians do a lot more - what kept us going was the knowledge that at 9am we would be able to go home to our families, have a hot shower and have a hot meal – a luxury homeless people do not have. I think the event has made the team even more enthusiastic about supporting the Cyrenians, and it has made our bond with them even stronger too. 



Sleep out picture 6Sleep out picture 5









A fantastic total of £2500 was raised from the sleepout and a cheque presented to Phil Bragg (Director of Finance - Cyrenians).

 Cov B Cheque Presentation