16th November 2015


Stephens StoryI arrived at a Cyrenians House on 9th April 2014 at which time I was on the painful process of coming off heroin and vodka.

With the kind help and support I received from Narinder, apart from one slip, I have managed to stay clean since then.

I took a voluntary job at the Cyrenians charity shop in June 2014 and enjoyed the challenge of work.  Under the guidance of Selim, the Shop Manager, I felt that I grew with confidence and felt strong enough to be in charge of the shop on the occasions that Selim was off.

In September 2015 I noticed a vacancy at ‘Subway’ looking for staff and I decided that I was ready for a paid job.


I started there on 6th October and after an initial first day nerves, I feel that I have settled into this new position of paid work.

I am going to carry on helping out at the Cyrenians shop in Stratford until it closes as I am so grateful for all the help I have received especially from Narinder and Selim.


“I have been supporting Stephen since April 2014. Stephen has come a long way since I first started supporting him. He has a very positive attitude and was a valued volunteer at the shop. Stephen has set goals for himself over the past year which he has achieved and is now in aid work. It has been a pleasure to support Stephen and I wish him all the best for the future.”

Narinder Chima (Housing Support Worker)


Stephens Story 2


Stephen has been an extremely hardworking and trustworthy volunteer.

He was always willing to help out at other events too, for example; a bag packing day at Morrisions, raising money for Cyrenians services.