08th June 2017



In May we chose a team of Volunteers, Namz Jacob,  Charlotte Rogers & Jana Soltisik, who are all graphic design/media degree students at Coventry University. Namz has volunteered for Cyrenians since October last year designing various posters for our events and leaflets for our services.  Jana & Charlotte have been volunteering since February and recently produced a video advertising our charity shop, Windsor’s & Refreshed. 

Vols of the Month May 2017



All three have worked hard to produce some really good material that we have been able to use to help promote our charity. To say well done and thank you, we awarded each of them with a certificate and a voucher.









"Working with Cyrenians has been real exciting. The opportunity to be a design volunteer has not only gave me experience in my field, but it has allowed me to be part of the community around me. Through this experience, I've got to understand what it's like to work as a Graphic Designer. It has helped me to push my comfort boundaries and allowed me to work on real live-brief projects." (Namz) 

"Working at Cyrenians has benefitted me in more ways than one, it has allowed me to be part of a working team and able to discuss my own ideas with them. They listen to you and treat you as a professional, it has really helped me develop some key skills for university. Not only that, but i'm doing something i enjoy, as well as it being for a good cause. Volunteering at this charity is something worthwhile and something more people should get into. It's an opportunity to work with great people and one you shouldn't second guess." (Charlotte)

“Over my time volunteering for Cyrenians, I have appreciated being able to practice my role as a content creator. I’ve found this experience thoroughly enjoyable and educational. It is important to raise awareness for those who are in need- and as a result, for me, the opportunity to develop my skills whilst helping out for a great cause has been very rewarding.” (Jana)