11th December 2017


On Thursday 30th November, staff, volunteers, and customers celebrated the fifth year anniversary of Windsor’s & Refreshed which opened in 2012. Free coffee samples and a buffet were provided. 

5th Anniversary Nov 2017 4

5th Anniversary Nov 2017 55th Anniversary Nov 2017 6


We had a cake stall with delicious homemade cakes, which raised £78.56 for our charity.  The stall was run by Jo & Brooke. Raffle tickets were also being sold for a hamper, which was drawn at the end of the day and raised £70.00.


5th Anniversary Nov 2017 1

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5th Anniversary Nov 2017 8

It was also the launch for AIMS, the Big Lottery funded service for local young people, runby Phil Smith (Young Person's Alcohol & Mediation Co-ordinator - Cyrenians) an informal, modest, open invite event, linked to the 5th Year Anniversary of Windsor’s, the Cyrenians social enterprise café.  It was a great success with many visitors, and a good chance to promote AIMS.  Even though people have busy working lives, I had chance to meet with academic and children’s services professionals to discuss how AIMS supplements local services at this time of significant change to council provision to families. 

5th Anniversary Nov 2017 9




Many thanks to those who gave up their time, including the ever helpful and welcoming Tom and Jenny (pictured), who are an integral part of AIMS through providing much enjoyed food and beverages to family and young people who access the AIMS counselling provision via Windsor’s comfortable and relaxed café setting beforehand.  

The shop was a hive of activity all day.  It was nice to welcome existing and new customers.