08th September 2015



The Princes Trust provide great opportunities for young people to improve their confidence, self-esteem, get involved in various activities and meet other young people.

One of our residents from our Nuneaton Project YAP recently completed the course; here is feedback from the team leader Casey.

               “When I first met her, she was a very shy, timid, vulnerable young girl. She was quite happy keeping to herself, not having conversations with her peers and only addressing me when we were alone. The other team members ensured, however, that she was included and always had chance to voice her opinions. During the residential, she slowly began to come out of her shell and engage in conversations and campfires with her peers, and also with me. Immediately after meeting her, I knew she was an intelligent young woman, who needed confidence more than anything. 

After the residential, not only was she a hugely vocal and popular member of the team, but she was beginning to offer herself up for leadership roles, and really exert all her energy in making herself a strong team leader. She had also begun to transfer her friendships to outside of the course, which meant she was socialising more. I think this has been key to her new social confidence, and the friends she made have been supportive to all of her life circumstances; I know one of them even travelled to support her at a meeting regarding her daughter. 

During Work Placement, she became independent from the team, and excelled in her role at Costa Coffee. It was very emotional to visit her at the placement, and see her confidently interacting with customers and staff. The staff could not speak highly enough of her, and expressed if any jobs became available, they would love her to apply.

During the final presentation, she gave a confident speech which pulled at the heart strings. Seeing her gain pride in herself and her own achievements was amazing. I believe she is now in touch with Talent Match to gain some additional qualifications to enable her to work towards a career in IT”.