09th July 2014



Cyrenians were asked to deliver a workshop about young people and homelessness for YOU*th Inspire. YOU*th Inspire is an educational initiative targeted at young people between the ages of 11-18 from wider participation backgrounds.  The aim of the workshop was to get young people to think about homelessness, challenging stereotypes and offering them awareness of hidden homelessness.

The project seeks to inspire youths to engage with issues of law, human rights, politics and current affairs; to enlighten them to realise their potential to make meaningful change within their community, the wider society and the world overall. Three staff members were asked to participate with the project, Waqas Ali, Melanie Russell and Suni Kaur. The young people took part in exercises that asked them to think about the causes of homelessness, the risks and the ways we can raise awareness about homeless young people.  The young people produced some amazing posters for Cyrenians to raise awareness.