Stratford Upon Avon Temporary Accommodation for Adults

The service is a 15 bed temporary accommodation service in four properties in Stratford for single men and women aged 16 and over that have made a homeless application to Stratford District Council (SDC) or have appealed a homeless decision made by SDC and are placed in our service pending an appeal decision.

The accommodation is provided for people with support needs who are willing to try and address these, e.g. people who have issues with drugs, alcohol, offending or mental health would be expected to have a willingness to engage with the appropriate agencies in order to address these support needs as part of the support planning process. The selection process identifies whether these needs can be met by this service. This service is aimed at providing low to medium levels of support.

The service has been commissioned by Stratford District Council. The service is short term, to last as long as SDC take to investigate the resident’s homeless application or for an appeal to the County Court to be heard.

The service will be provided during office hours, Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm. An Out of Hours telephone service is provided for emergencies only.

The accommodation is in Stratford and each house is fully furnished to a high standard, each with a shared lounge, bathroom and kitchen with laundry, washing, drying and ironing facilities, and fully furnished secure bedrooms. The accommodation is regularly serviced by our Facilities Team.


 Support offered by our Stratford Adult Accommodation Service: 


How to Apply:

In the main this service operates a “closed” referral route with all referrals coming from Stratford District Council.